How to Replace Sewing Machine Needle

How to Replace Sewing Machine Needle

Are you wondering how to replace sewing machine needle? Yesterday I was making a video about how to sew a face mask and I broke my needle as I was going over one of the pleats. I hadn’t broken a needle in forever! I didn’t even know what happened, the machine just stopped out of nowhere like it hit a rock. But low and behold I found that my needle had broken.

I totally forgot how to replace it but I managed to find a spare one in my sewing box and busted out the old instruction manual to find out how to change it out! It was super easy. I am surprised that I had to actually look in the instructions to find out how to do it.

How to replace sewing machine needle: Removing the Old Needle

These instructions are for a brother XL-3750, so if you have a different sewing machine, this might not work for you, but it could be a similar process…

First you have to get a coin to unscrew the screw that is holding the needle in place. I tried a screw driver and it was way too big to fit under there, so I tried a coin and that was perfect. Then I realized I had a mini screw driver that came with my sewing machine. I could have used that, duh. So check your sewing supplies and see if they came with a screw driver.

Once you get it unscrewed, you will be able to wiggle the broken needle loose and take it out and dispose of it.

Installing the New Needle

Now you will need to find a needle to replace the old one. My sewing machine came with replacement needles so luckily I didn’t have to buy one. I’ve had this machine for years and probably had to change the needle like twice. My needles came in a little green paper pouch and were ready to go.

The machine needles have a curve on one side and are flat on the back. When you put the needle in the needle holder, the flat part will go in the back. If you try to put it in the other way, it won’t work. I did this and couldn’t figure out why it wouldn’t go in until I read the instructions which pointed out that the flat part goes in the back.

Once you have it in there, hold it in place because it is going to fall out and get lost if you let go. Then use the other hand to screw the screw back into place. That’s it! You have now replaced your needle and you are ready to sew.

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