How to Sew a Hem – 5 Easy Ways

How to Sew a Hem – 5 Easy Ways

Either you are making a garmet or you are altering one….whatever the case, you need to know how to sew a hem! Well you are in luck my friend. Read on to find out how to sew a hem and complete your project in style.

How to Sew a Hem

Step 1: fold Rough Edge over about 1 – 2 inches, depending on how thick you want the hem to be.

Step2: Press and iron folded edge

Step 3: Open and fold in the rough edge again about 1/4 of an inch

Step 4: Press and iron the 1/4 inch fold.

Step 5: Fold over both folds so the rough edge is tucked into the folds.

Step 6: Pin down the folds or clip them down to hold them in place

Step 7: Sew over the edge of the folds to complete the hem.

How to Sew a Hem by Hand

Sewing a hem by hand is similar to sewing a hem with a sewing machine. You will do Steps 1-6 above and then sew the hem by hand. To sew it by hand you can do a running stitch. Tie a knot in the end of the thread. Then start sewing up and down through the layers in a straight line until you get to the end of the fabric.

For extra hold, do another round of sewing. Go back through the fabric in the opposite direction back to the start of the fabric.

How to Sew a Hem on Knit Fabric

It is a little more challenging to sew a hem on knit fabric. A couple of ways to go about doing this on a regular sewing machine is to:

  • Use a zig zag stitch
  • Use an iron on fabric stabilizer like iron on hem tape.
  • Use a walking foot on your sewing machine to help move the stretchy fabric along

If you attempt to stitch it with a regular straight stitch and no support, your hem will be wiggly like a ruffle.

How to sew a hem on a shirt

Sewing a hem on a shirt is similar to the steps 1-7 above. The only things I would change is to maybe make the hem line smaller by using a 1/2 in fold first and then the 1/4 in fold.

How to sew a hem on pants

To sew a hem on pants follow the steps 1-7 outlined above. These should work for a pair of pants. You can adjust the hem width by adjusting the width of the 1st fold. Pants usually have wider hems than shirts and dresses so keep that in mind!

How to sew a hem on a dress

To sew a hem on a dress is also similar to a pair of pants and a hem on a shirt. It all just depends on how wide you want the hem to be. You can follow the steps outlined above and adjust the width of the hem based on your own judgement.

Check out my YouTube tutorial to see how to sew a hem.

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